‘We’re not there yet,’ says PM on re-opening of churches

Jun 5, 2020 by

from Christian Today:

The Prime Minister has resisted pressure to re-open churches before July. 

During Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Boris Johnson revealed concerns about the rate of infection going up if places of worship open to the public right away.

He was asked about the re-opening of places of worship by Jane Hunt, Conservative MP for Loughborough, who said she had been contacted by church leaders in her constituency about access to their buildings “both for services and to help to tackle homelessness”.

In reply, the Prime Minister said: “I very much understand the urgency that many people in this country feel about the need to reopen places of worship.

“It is a tough one: every time we do something like this, we push up the risk of infection and the risk of pushing up the R again.”

He added: “We are not there yet. We are getting there, but we are not yet there. It is vital that the people of this country understand the continued need to push down on the infection rate.”

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