What Are Southern Baptists Really Fighting About?

Jun 16, 2021 by

By Trevin Wax, The Gospel Coalition:

[…] My goal here is to uncover some of the fault lines in the SBC as I see them—the issues underneath the controversies. If you’re not part of the SBC, I hope to help you see past some of the headlines and news reports to the bigger questions leading to these debates. If you’re Southern Baptist, I hope to offer a fair representation of the questions behind the more contentious conversations so that you better understand brothers and sisters with whom you disagree.

Big Question #1: Do Southern Baptist churches unite primarily around doctrinal consensus or missional cooperation? 

Underneath several of today’s debates is the meaning and purpose of The Baptist Faith and Message, our Convention’s statement of faith…

Big Question #2: Should we engage secular sources of knowledge with a fundamentalist or an evangelical posture?

The current debate over Critical Race Theory is part of this bigger question regarding our overall posture to culture. Should CRT receive unqualified condemnation, since it originates from scholars whose ideologies are deeply unbiblical, or should it be engaged warily, expecting to find occasional “common grace” insights even if the ideological framework places it outside our confessional commitments?

…Big Question #3: How politically aligned must Southern Baptists be in order to cooperate together? 

As the SBC grows more ethnically diverse…and as we plant more and more churches in bluer parts of the country, we will find ourselves in more and more conversations with brothers and sisters who don’t vote like we do.

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