What is ‘Gender Ideology’?

Apr 9, 2018 by

by Stephen Baskerville, Jacobite:

Behind the moral posturing and the strident indignation, it is fairly easy to see what is going on with the new, #MeToo-related sexual accusations – though part of what is going on is a campaign of intimidation against any dissenters who venture to point out the obvious, with threats of ostracism at best and lawsuits and jail at worst.

What we are witnessing is a demonstration of power. The accusers’ rhetoric expresses this very forthrightly, with endless demands for open-ended “empowerment.” Sexual ideologues have acquired enormous political muscle, and – much as they have already cast aside all inhibitions and controls on sex itself – they are now similarly casting aside any inhibitions and seek to remove controls on their exercise of political power.

Does this mean that sexual “improprieties” or “misbehavior” do not exist? Of course not. It means that the sexual radicals encouraged it, and the sexual radicals are now reaping the benefits.

Whether by accident or design, they have achieved this power in two stages (which are not necessarily separate chronologically): The first step was to seek unlimited sexual freedom by discarding traditional restraints and religious norms governing pre-marital and extra-marital sex, the sanctity of marriage itself, parental controls over courtship and education, as well as homosexuality and other forms of unconventional sexuality. Next, they have exploited the resulting chaos by substituting their own, government-approved and government-enforced code of sexual regulation that replaces sin with crime, includes ideological heterodoxy among the offenses, and discards community disapproval in favor of quasi-criminal and criminal penalties, enforced by the state gendarmerie and penal system.

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