When Cows Became Horses

Aug 21, 2017 by

by Pete Jermann, Crisis Magazine:

In a distant place and a distant time, there lived an enlightened king. He was a righteous and forward-looking man who cared deeply about his kingdom and its subjects. Because he was enlightened he could see what others could not. Unlike others, he clearly saw that the past only shackled the future. In seeing the past for what it was, he refused to be enslaved by it. He rejected its shackles and chose freedom. As king his ambition was to share that freedom with his subjects.

One day the king toured his realm. As he traveled down a country road bordered with green pastures, he noticed horses on one side and dairy cows on the other. Looking west he watched the horses frolicking, their manes glistening in the evening sun. He saw beauty, grace, power and spirit. He looked east. He saw cows burdened with bulging udders, standing stodgy, chewing, chewing, endlessly chewing. He saw no grace, no beauty, no power and, certainly, no spirit.

He looked west again. The now setting sun rendered the horses in noble silhouette. He looked east again. The same sun cast the cows in a harsh, blanching light. He saw animals artificially bloated with milk they did not need. He saw lives enslaved to the needs of others. The king pondered their plight. Filled with indignation, he fumed, “This is not fair!” In his wisdom and goodness, he saw the injustice of every cow who was not a horse. Compassion compelled him to act.

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