Who is Sandi Toksvig to lecture Justin Welby about sin?

Aug 6, 2022 by

by Gareth Roberts, Spectator:

[…]  Toksvig’s suggestion that God is probably fine with homosexuality also glosses over an important fact: the Judaeo-Christian faith explicitly proscribed it as part of the basic deal of heterosexual monogamy that marked the religion out from much of the rest of the ancient world. We may well not like this, we may consider it ridiculous, from a vanished iron age of strange cult edicts, but to deny its very existence is simply daft.

Jesus ‘doesn’t mention sexuality at all’ apparently, according to Toksvig, which will come as a surprise to Bible readers who remember him reinforcing the commandment that thou shalt not commit adultery, and his advice to pluck out your eye if you lust after someone who isn’t your (heterosexual) spouse.

Toksvig describes herself as a humanist who believes in ‘the fundamental goodness of people’. Well that’s all right then. All settled. How lovely. It takes a special kind of presumption to lecture the Archbishop of Canterbury on sin. Who knew that the riddles of the darkness of the human heart would be answered obiter dictum by a former host of Radio 4’s The News Quiz?

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