“Why are you so negative?”

May 9, 2017 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

The Old Testament prophets were well known as bearers of bad news. Their hard words, especially about judgment to come and the need for repentance, did not exactly make them the life of the party. They certainly were not on very many ‘Most fun people to be around with’ lists!

They were not exactly regarded as upbeat types, who made people happy and comfortable to be around with. It was a very lonely calling therefore. They had to be faithful in delivering the word of the Lord, even if it was mainly bad news instead of good news.

And those who preferred their religion to be on the happy-clappy side of things, with no negative vibes attached, would certainly steer well clear of any prophets or watchmen on the wall. They were avoided like the plague by most folks, and their social calendar would have been completely empty…

…But just as the prophets and watchmen and sentinels of old fulfilled their God-given calling regardless of all the negative reactions they produced – and I am so glad they did – so too those who have a similar calling today must remain faithful and resolute, and they must persevere despite all the hostility and criticism.

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