Why do we pay Stonewall to strike fear into our children?

May 26, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

THE LGBT charity Stonewall has produced home learning materials for children to use during lockdown. Its contents are further evidence of Stonewall’s ideological shift towards promoting a narrative of ‘inner gender identity’ which has no backing in science, undermines our language, harms women, and carries serious risks for children.

For example, Reception children (four or five years old) are encouraged to watch a video of the trans racing driver, Roberta Cowell. Stonewall informs the children that ‘Roberta was trans, this means that when she was born people thought she was a boy, but when she got older she told them “I’m a woman, please call me Roberta”.’ Imagine being four, five, or six, and being told by adults that you can change your sex just like that.

Stonewall tells primary school children: ‘Roberta was treated as if she was a boy when she was growing up and was treated as if she was a man during the early part of her adult life’. [My italics.] That ‘as if‘ is telling children that she wasn’t really a boy or a man at that time. Which is surprising because Roberta married and had two children. Stonewall tells the kids ‘people saw Roberta as a man, and they saw Roberta and Diana [his wife] as husband and wife’.   

Again, imagine being a child and being told all this by adults. It is not just that, seemingly, you can change your sex. You can also change your history – or perhaps you can blithely change someone else’s history. Would Roberta have said she was treated ‘as if she was a boy’ when she was growing up – or would she have said ‘she was a boy’ when she was growing up? After all, if she wasn’t a boy when she was growing up, why did she go through a painful process of sex change later on? If you are feeling baffled or bored by all this, I’m writing about material Stonewall regards as appropriate for young children.

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