Why is gassing Syrian children with sarin or chlorine worse than blowing them to smithereens?

Apr 13, 2018 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

The civil war in Syria is just appalling: the chaos and suffering; it’s hell on earth. Hundreds of thousand have have been killed over the past seven years, many of them women and children. It is now alleged that ‘Animal‘ Bashar al-Assad is (once again) using chemical weapons to crush various rebel factions in order to restore the social order, and the UK Government has decided that there is “a need for action“. We are told that it is “highly likely” the Assad regime was responsible for the chemical attack, and that this cannot “go unchallenged”.

There was no need for action as hundreds of children were lying beneath mounds of rubble, their little limbs slowly being crushed as they suffocated in cement dust.

This is not a post about the rightness or wrongness of Western military intervention in Syria: we simply don’t know all the facts. Everyone will have an opinion, and each opinion is valid. But the intelligence is privileged: we have no more to go on than conjecture and a YouGov poll. The question here concerns the deaths of women and children – especially the children – who have been sacrificed for seven long years while the West earnestly tweeted its sincere concern. These children are limbless or lifeless, with gashes in their flesh and holes in their heads. Thousands upon thousands of them will never breathe again, and Her Majesty’s Government did nothing. But now a handful of children have reportedly been gassed by sarin and/or chlorine, and this cannot “go unchallenged”.

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