Why Is It Now ‘Far Right’ To Hate Hamas?

Nov 20, 2023 by

By Mick Hume, European Conservative.

It is striking how ‘far-right’ has become an all-purpose insult in Europe and the West. It is a label slapped on anybody who stands outside the narrow conformism of woke politics. Whether it’s parents protesting against drag queens preaching trans ideology to children, or citizens concerned about anything from the EU’s crusade against cars and farmers to the imposition of vaccine passports or mass migration, they are all apparently ‘far-right’ now.

The message is always that ‘these people’ are basically scum, beyond the limits of respectable debate, and should not be engaged with. Instead they should be cancelled, arrested or banned altogether.

Little wonder then that the police, politicians and media seized with relish on the ‘far-right’ counter protest in London on Armistice Day last weekend. They focused on a few hundred white working-class football fans who briefly skirmished with police near the Cenotaph on Whitehall (before respecting the two minutes’ silence for the war dead), as a welcome distraction from facing the truth about the massive ‘peaceful’ pro-Palestinian demonstration up the road, which was really an anti-Israeli, often antisemitic, hate march.

So, is it considered ‘far-right’ to express your hatred for the genocidal terrorists of Hamas these days? Will we be suspected of ‘far-right sympathies’ for opposing the open antisemitism of the Islamists and their Islamoleft allies in Europe? What about defending Western civilisation against barbarism, is that a fringe ‘far-right’ cause toos? After all, here in the UK we Brexiteers have long been branded ‘far-right’ for daring to demand national sovereignty and democracy.

Amid the furore about the ‘far right’ in London last weekend, a rough home-made banner displayed by one of those counter protestors provided more clarity and insight than all of the worthy media waffle around the mass protests. ‘It’s Not Pro-Palestine,’ read the hand-painted sign, ‘It’s Anti-British’. That is one thing those branded ‘far-right’ surely got right.

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