Why ordinary people disregard the transgender movement as utterly insane

Jul 31, 2018 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite:

Several times over the past year or two I’ve written columns noting that there is a growing backlash to the transgender movement. Much of their ideology is simply too radical for ordinary men and women to accept, and as such trans activists have relied on the institutions where they have accrued power—progressive political parties, academia, and the media—to push and enforce their agenda. But despite this, their ideas have not actually gained as much traction in the broader population as their cultural clout might suggest.

Let’s do a thought experiment and go through a few questions so I can illustrate what I mean. Think about the people you know—the ordinary men and women you work with, for example (this does not apply if you happen to work at a university.) Consider how those people—that is to say, normal, average people—would answer these questions, or how many of them would pass muster in the eyes of trans activists currently engaged in a cultural revolution.

In some places—New York State, for example—it is illegal to “misgender” someone or refuse to use their “preferred pronoun.” These pronouns include words like “co,” which becomes “coself,” “ey,” which becomes “emself,” and “xie,” which can be translated to “hirself.” There are now dozens of others, and lists of these invented pronouns continue to evolve.

Now, the questions: Do you know a single person who can actually list off more than a few of these pronouns? And how many people do you know who would not be able to list any of them? I’ve worked at a lot of different places—construction sites, landscaping crews, a fencing outfit, a greenhouse operation. In not a single one of these places would any of the people I worked with have been able to come up with the pronoun “xie,” much less conjugate it to “hirself.” The simple fact is that these words only exist in an elitist bubble, but are virtually unknown by the rest of the population.

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