Why we must stop the government from outlawing the ex-gay movement

Mar 24, 2018 by

By Carys Moseley, Christian Concern.

The Home Office has allegedly told the LGBT website Pink News that it wants to look again at the possibility of banning psychotherapy for unwanted same-sex attraction, which it disparagingly terms ‘conversion therapy’. It says there was a question asked about it in the government’s LGBT survey conducted in 2017.

The Home Office has said that the government is currently studying the responses to the survey and that it will publish a response later this year. However, the government stated last year that it does not believe creating a criminal offence is right. This was in response to a petition by a gay journalist called Josh Parry, who attacked an African church in the Liverpool area helping people with unwanted same-sex attraction.

Soon after the initial screening of ‘Voices of the Silenced’ in London last month, after pressure by gay activists to have it cancelled, the government said that it was keeping the matter under review. Is this a coincidence, and what does all this mean? […]

[…] In April 2017 a ComRes poll found that most people in Britain supported a politician’s right to say that gay sex is sinful. This was in response to the attacks on Tim Farron for vacillating on the issue. The majority extended to people of all ages. Interestingly 62% of people aged 18-24 agreed, with the lowest percentage being 59% of those aged 25-34.

[…] most people want politicians to be free to say that gay sex is sinful. People want members of all professions, including politicians, to tell the truth. This clearly shows that the public will not tolerate censorship of views critical of homosexual activity. In this respect ordinary people clash with LGBT activists and those in government who want to outlaw the ex-gay movement. Faced with public opinion on homosexuality being so mixed, and with most people in a survey in 2014 saying they supported a man married to a woman being allowed therapy, why are LGBT activists in government still determined to outlaw it?

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Successful screening of voices of the silenced, despite protests, by Mike Davidson, Core Issues Trust


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