Will more Canadian journalists stand up to the LGBT mob after CTV’s report on the dangers of ‘gender-transitioning’?

Oct 26, 2021 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite:

Canada deserves better journalists; reporters who actually have the guts to do deep dives into stories and report perspectives regardless of how ideologically correct they are.

While many European media outlets and conservative-leaning American outlets like The Economist have been covering the explosion of children identifying as transgender for some time, the institutional Canadian media has been nearly airtight with the exception of coverage from National Post columnist Barbara Kay.

Canadian media has been taking the same line as Canadian politicians: Transgender ideology is utterly unquestionable, and questions about children, puberty blockers, and sex change surgeries are essentially bigotry.

Which is why I did a double take when I saw an investigative report from CTV News’ W-5 that begins like this: “Whenever experts, in any given field, are too afraid to express their honest professional opinions on the record out of fear of being cancelled, something in the public discourse has gone terribly wrong.”

That should not be a radical thing to say, but in Canada, it is. Trans activists in this country have done such a good job controlling the narrative that they even managed to cancel Vancouver feminist activist Meghan Murphy, simply for refusing to believe that biological men can become women.

It is not that all Canadian medical professionals, politicians, and academics have bought in — Jordan Peterson’s stand against compelled speech with regard to compelled pronouns is but one example. But most have been cowed into silence. Conservative politicians have decided that children being given puberty blockers aren’t worth the fight, and columnists have decided that the issue isn’t worth getting fired over.

But CTV, of all outlets, finally decide to go there — and stated at the outset that this subject has been suppressed in Canada: “[W]hen some well-established experts in transgender health told us they weren’t willing to repeat on camera what they admitted to us in private because they sit on diversity boards and will almost certainly be called transphobic, it was confirmation our story was necessary. If only for the gender dysphoric children and youth, along with their families, who are struggling and do not know who to believe.”

Well, it’s about time.

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