Will the Trump Administration Push Back Against Transgender Ideology in Schools?

Dec 11, 2017 by

by  Jane Robbins and Emmett McGroarty, Public Discourse:

Until policy-makers and the public realize the factual and moral bankruptcy of transgender ideology, pressure will continue to mount to normalize the tragically abnormal.

In 2016, under the Obama Administration, the United States Department of Education (DOEd) and Department of Justice issued guidance instructing public schools to open all restrooms, locker rooms, sleeping quarters, and probably sports teams to students of both sexes. Although the Trump administration has rescinded that guidance, it’s difficult to discern exactly what policy the current DOEd will pursue concerning students who suffer from gender dysphoria.

On the one hand, along with rescinding the Obama guidance, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in Trump’s DOEd has closed two investigations into complaints based on schools’ maintaining sex-segregated private facilities. In addition, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has declared her intention to return OCR “to its role as a neutral, impartial, investigative agency.” These are encouraging signs.

But on the other hand, Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Candice Jackson issued a letter to OCR regional directors that suggests that the overreach of the Obama years may linger under Trump. While this letter was intended to resolve questions about how OCR will handle complaints filed by transgender students, observers on both sides of the issue are confused about its actual meaning.

This confusion is harmful to constitutional governance, to the safe and efficient operation of public schools, to parental rights, and ultimately to students who identify as transgender themselves.

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