Women whose husbands want to become transgender will not be trapped in same-sex partnerships, Liz Truss pledges

Apr 3, 2022 by

By Glen Owen And Georgia Edkins, Mail On Sunday:

Women whose husbands want to become transgender will retain the right to veto their partner’s transition so they are not trapped in same-sex marriages, Liz Truss has pledged.

Ministers have faced growing pressure to amend divorce laws to allow a husband freely to switch gender without their wife’s consent and stay married.

The current law demands a new marriage contract is put in place if one partner legally changes gender and also requires the non-transitioning spouse to agree to continuing the marriage before their partner can be granted a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Trans activists have branded the process akin to a ‘spousal veto’ to someone transitioning.

But Ms Truss, Minister for Women and Equalities, has guaranteed wives would continue to be able to veto their husband’s gender reassignment, to save women from being locked into a non-consensual same-sex marriage.

Her declaration is understood to be fiercely opposed by male junior minister Mike Freer, who is said to have been pushing for the controversial overhaul to please transgender rights campaigners.

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