Workplace intimidation silences lawyers critical of same-sex marriage

Aug 30, 2017 by

by Chris Merritt, The Australian:

Solicitors have complained of being intimidated at their workplaces if they publicly criticise the endorsement of same-sex marriage by their professional association and law firms.

The intimidation, which has led to complaints by Catholic lawyers, came to light soon after the NSW Law Society’s support for same-sex marriage triggered a threat of possible legal action.

That move, by Sydney solicitor Robin Speed, prompted an ­organisation of Catholic lawyers to say it had received “a number” of complaints of intimidation.

“A lot of lawyers are concerned about it, but many don’t want to get involved in a direct conflict with either the Law Society or the Bar Association,” barrister Michael McAuley, who is president of the St Thomas More Society, said. “In a certain sense they are intimidated. That is the reality. There are young lawyers in firms who feel they cannot stick their necks out.

“A number have complained,” he said.

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