Yes or No? Gay Marriage in Australia and Northern Ireland

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from Core Issues Trust:

To clarify the professional issues around Dr Mike Davidson raised in the SBS Dateline programme “Yes or No?”:

“Your interim suspension has been progressed into full removal from the Register” concluded the 2013 letter from the UK Council for Psychotherapy, a professional body I was affiliated to. I appealed. My arguments were ignored – never engaged with. The outcome was the same: “you may re-apply to continue training should you consistently cease to promulgate your current opinions (sic) and be clearly able to demonstrate that you would only undertake and advocate work that falls within and complies with the UKCP/BPA Codes of Ethics for Practice and all associated Guidelines”.  To me this had a creepily Orwellian feel – I had been found guilty of thought crime.

So ended my three years of formal training in psychotherapy, paid for out of my own savings. I’d worked for 25 years in the higher education sector.  My early theological training, pastoral experience and then PhD in education (and an interest in indoctrination!) had prepared me to some extent for a career as a psychotherapist. I’d hoped to complete my professional training, but it wasn’t to be.

My new status, outside the professional bodies, meant that access to supervision, professional indemnity insurance and professional collegiality came to an end. The important thing is that there had never been a complaint from any client.  It was just that the powers that be didn’t like my opinions and objected to my non-compliance with practice guidelines which stated that to attempt to reduce a client’s unwanted homosexual feelings is an ethical offence.

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