Can biblical faith flourish in an intolerant secular society?

Dec 5, 2017 by

Politician (Tim Farron) and Bishop (Tim Dakin) call for new relationship between minority orthodox Christianity and dominant liberalism. By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. The main hall at the Law Society in Chancery Lane was packed. TV cameras were in attendance, and bloggers and tweeters were...

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What Kind of Liberal Society Do We Want? : Theos Annual Lecture 2017 full text

Dec 4, 2017 by

by Tim Farron, Theos: There was an indie band in the 80s and 90s called Pop Will Eat Itself. The name of the band is a fascinating hypothesis and one for a different lecture for a different think tank…and indeed one that I would absolutely love to give. But my hypothesis today is that in this...

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Modern elites have forgotten the Christian origins of liberalism

Nov 17, 2017 by

by Dyson Heydon, MercatorNet: A former justice of Australia’s High Court foresees an era of religious persecution. The opening words of the Imperial Act which brought the Australian Constitution into being are: Whereas the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and...

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A Christian Strategy

Nov 7, 2017 by

by Adrian Vermeule, First Things: The problem is the relentless aggression of liberalism, driven by an internal mechanism that causes ever more radical demands for political conformism, particularly targeting the Church. The solution is an equally radical form of strategic flexibility on the part...

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Eliot and Liberalism

Sep 27, 2017 by

by R R Reno, First Things: I‘ve been rereading T.S. Eliot’s Idea of a Christian Society. He wrote the book as World War II was beginning. It was a time when many were questioning whether liberal democratic societies had any future. Fascism and Communism seemed the vital new movements that...

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Education Chief Demands Schools Put ‘Tolerance’, ‘Liberalism’ at ‘Heart of Curriculum’

Sep 24, 2017 by

by Virginia Hale, Breitbart: Schools must promote “British values”, the head of Ofsted has said, stating that establishments with “cultural conservative or religious values” must be “exposed”. Amanda Spielman said schools have a vital role in upholding principles that “make us a beacon of...

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