Dear God, Tim can’t take your calls any more — he’s got five seats to win

Apr 30, 2017 by

by Rod Liddle, Sunday Times:


[…] Oh please God save us from this new generation of people, from their suffocating tolerance, their stifling certitude, their implacable self-righteousness, their totalitarian liberality, their mimsy authoritarianism.

{Isle of Wight MP] Turner had made the mistake of voicing, honestly, an opinion shared by a large minority of British people but a view that is not deemed acceptable on, primarily, social media or by the people who run us. You can get away with many things in politics these days but you can’t diss gay people. Do that and you’re out. Gay people and the NHS — two untouchable objects.

That’s why the Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron recanted last week and decided that, contrary to everything he had previously believed as a born-again Christian, homosexual sex was actually not a “sin” after all. What a hugely expedient Damascene conversion! Tim knows there is stuff in which you can fervently believe, because you think you have been told it by a sky pixie, as the humanists refer to God, but this steadfast and unshakeable conviction should be disowned very rapidly when the media get a sniff of it.

Freedom of speech is being strangled in our country.


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