After Christianity, what on Earth next?

Dec 4, 2022 by

by Simon Caldwell, TCW: CHRISTIANS have now entered the season of Advent. It is the time of preparation for Christmas, the feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ and the hour when the ‘light of men’ entered human history. This is the light...

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Diwali, dechristianisation, and the nation

Dec 3, 2022 by

by Joe Boot, Christian Concern: It has been a chaotic and unsettling year in the United Kingdom socially and politically. Several Chancellors and Prime Ministers have slunk in quick succession along the iconic Downing Street pavement in...

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The Nones: Unpacking non–religious Britain

Nov 25, 2022 by

from Theos: Hannah Waite unpacks her latest report ‘The Nones: who are they and what do they believe?’. “Perhaps the most striking fact about religion in Britain is that over half of the adult population say that they don’t belong to...

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The Public Square, “Religious Neutrality” and the War on Christianity

Nov 20, 2022 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: The public arena is not neutral, with rival religions competing for hegemony: We are told – at least in theory – that in the West all points of view are welcome, and they can be argued for in public...

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The G20 Gets Religion

Nov 18, 2022 by

by Mary Ann Gendon, First Things: This month in Bali, Indonesia, the G20 Summit held its first annual Religion Forum, the “R20.” On November 2 and 3, over four hundred Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders and...

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America’s Marxist revolutionaries have removed God from public life, we have to bring Him back

Nov 14, 2022 by

by Brian Middleton, LifeSite: Regardless of the level of voter fraud and coercion related to mail-in ballots, etc., it has become clear that the 100-plus year strategy of the progressive Marxist left has resulted in nearly half of the...

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