Many RE lessons simplistic and ill-informed, Ofsted report declares

Apr 19, 2024 by

by Francis Martin, Church Times: Non-religious worldviews are not neutral, teachers are told. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION (RE) in English schools often fails to prepare students to “live in a complex world”, a new report from Ofsted says. The...

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Religious Education “continuing to wilt” with no coherent national plan

Apr 18, 2024 by

from Religion Media Centre: An Ofsted report on Religious Education has criticised the structure underpinning its delivery, with no coherent national plan and multiple local curriculums. The report, “Deep and meaningful? The religious...

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Sorry, but Christianity must be more than just cultural

Apr 14, 2024 by

by Peter Harris, TCW: IN 2007, the four men who came to be recognised as the leaders of New Atheism – Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens – met at Hitchens’s apartment in Washington DC to affirm their...

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Joe Biden has betrayed Christian America

Apr 1, 2024 by

by Megan Basham, Telegraph: Easter Sunday is about bringing Christians together. The president has proven he only cares about division. It was one of those viral social media claims so outlandish it demands independent verification: the...

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The grey bleakness of living with loners in a post-community, post-Christian society

Mar 4, 2024 by

by James Bradshaw, Mercator: We live in an increasingly atomised world, and Ireland is following in America’s footsteps in suffering from the consequences of this. In his book Bowling Alone, published in 2000, Harvard’s Robert Putnam...

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Lords criticise Media Bill’s removal of requirement to include religious programmes

Feb 29, 2024 by

from Religion Media Centre: Fourteen Lords have expressed concern at the changes in the new Media Bill which remove the requirement for public service broadcasters to include religion, arts and science programming. The Bill replaces this...

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