O God, our help in ages past

Nov 17, 2019 by

by Nicholas Okoh, Guardian Nigeria: If God was our Help in ages past, His unchallengeable nature means that He is our Help now, and in the years to come. Therefore, we are never going to be without a dependable Helper. Looking back at our history, both as a nation and as a Church, we could see that God has been our Help in ages past. We have gone through a lot that, if not for God on our side, our story would have been negatively different, worse than it is today and ever have been. We have...

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The battle to believe in God

Nov 14, 2019 by

by Giles Fraser, UnHerd: How did God disappear from the landscape of Western society? The standard answer is that He was killed by thinkers: philosophers and scientists, especially those associated with the Enlightenment.  First, God died in theory, only after which He died in practise, when ordinary people eventually caught up with the ideas that were first formulated in the study and the laboratory. The only problem with this, as Alec Ryrie astutely observes in a new book on the rise of...

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Trump admin: Adoption agencies won’t be forced to give kids to same-sex couples

Nov 2, 2019 by

by Calvin Freiburger,LifeSite: The Trump administration announced Friday that it will not be enforcing Obama-era rules forcing faith-based adoption and foster agencies to place children in same-sex households, and proposed new rules specifically recognizing the religious and conscience rights of such organizations. Whereas the Obama administration added “sexual orientation” language to “non-discrimination” rules governing federal funds to adoption and foster agencies, the Trump Department of...

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Regular church attendance aids mental health among millennials

Oct 22, 2019 by

By Heather Preston, Premier: A new study has revealed that young adults who regularly attend church have better mental health than those who don’t. A survey conducted by the Barna Group of 15,000 18-35 year olds found that those who weekly attended a place of worship were 10% less likely to struggle with anxiety than those who did not. The Connected Generation study, examined the relationship between faith and mental health in millennials and generation Z across 25 different countries....

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Are Christianity and society in conflict?

Oct 14, 2019 by

by Christopher Watkin, Jubilee Centre: Summary: We increasingly hear the argument that biblical values are in fundamental conflict with contemporary Western society, but is that really the case? This paper considers the example of freedom, a core value of Western liberal democracy and also a major biblical theme. Paul’s treatment of the dominant values of his day in 1 Corinthians 1 shows the inadequacy both of straightforwardly opposing biblical and societal values, and of seeing them in...

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Does a Religious Upbringing Promote Generosity or Not?

Sep 27, 2019 by

by Tyler J. VanderWeele PhD, Psychology Today: An erroneous paper on religion and generosity is finally retracted. In 2015, a paper by Jean Decety and co-authors reported that children who were brought up religiously were less generous. The paper received a great deal of attention, and was covered by over 80 media outlets including The Economist, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, and Scientific American. As it turned out, however, the paper by Decety was wrong. Another scholar, Azim...

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