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Articles and comments (most recent at the top) about ‘gender theory’, the idea, relentlessly disseminated,  that gender is a social and psychological construct, not something that is determined by our biological sex.


The XX Factor, Commentary

Stand up to ‘ideology of gender’ like the White Rose stood up to Hitler, German sociologist tells Shrewsbury Catholics

When Policy Preferences Masquerade as Rights, Crisis Magazine

‘Transgender’ conditioning is ‘child abuse’ by Matt Barber, LifeSite

What your children are not being told at their local ‘Safe School’ by Lyle Shelton, ACL

The right to be yourself: gender identity as the baptism of autonomy, by Douglas Farrow, First Things

Female Minister Who Identifies as Male Asserts: ‘God Is Transgender’ by Heather Clark, Christian News

Gender theory: individualism gone stark, raving mad by Michael Cook, MercatorNet

LGB vs. T: A crackup is looming in the LGBT community by Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Menstruating Men and the Latest Examples of Transanity by Michael Brown, Charisma News

When Jill turns into Jack words fail us by Rob Slane, TCW

‘Toni The Tampon’ cartoon teaches kids that ‘men’ can menstruate by Peter La Barbera, LifeSite

Non-Christian feminists see through trans agenda, by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

BBC issues Dame Jenni Murray with warning over her transgender comments, by Harry Yorke, Telegraph

Primary school to install unisex toilets for ‘LGBT pupils’ as young as five who are ‘confused about their gender, by Mark Duell, MailOnline

Radical individualism is at the heart of gender theory, by Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Madrid bans Catholic group’s anti-transgender bus, from BBC News

Former ‘transgenders’ talk about de-transitioning, by Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute

Another progressive academic gets Scripture wrong, by John M.Grondelski, Crisis Magazine

Biology isn’t bigotry: Christians, lesbians and radical feminists unite to fight gender ideology, by Emily Zinos, Public Discourse

‘Damaging’ transgender curriculum is about to invade 7-year-olds’ classrooms in UK, by Lisa Bourne, LifeSite

Throw off your rubber chains! From contraception to transgenderism via abortion, by Daniel Moody, Public Discourse

The increasingly powerful transgender lobby, by Andrew Pierce, MailOnline

Why the transgender debate is about redefining reality, by Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

How the transgender agenda harms children, by Judith Reisman, MercatorNet

Campaigners hail school decision to let pupils choose gender identity, by Alexandra Topping, Guardian

What the transgender debate means for the Church, by Russell Moore


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