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from Premier:

Our small team has spent the past year writing, designing and editing 840 pages of this magazine and uploading more than 500 articles to our website. But here, in no particular order, are the most important numbers you need to know about

£109,000 – The payout that Franklin Graham was awarded in July after a judge ruled Blackpool Council unlawfully discriminated against him by removing adverts for his event from public buses. The preacher has announced he will return to the UK in 2022 for his God Loves You tour.

In related news: Edinburgh Council apologised and paid £25,000 in damages to Destiny Ministries after it cancelled the church’s three-day conference due to the views of its speaker, Larry Stockstill, on sexuality and marriage.

14 weeks – The length of time the government’s gay conversion therapy consultation lasted. If a future definition of conversion therapy includes prayer, the Christian Institute said it would be “the most religiously repressive law the UK has seen in centuries” and would take the government to court over it.

In related news: The Methodist Church brought in same-sex weddings and the Church in Wales offered blessings for same-sex couples. Keir Starmer visited Jesus House and praised their work in delivering the Covid vaccine, but came under criticism from LGBT groups because of the church’s theology on marriage. Within hours Starmer had apologised for the visit.

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