Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’: Ecclesiastes for the Internet Age

Jul 20, 2021 by

from The Gospel Coalition: Bo Burnham may be this secular generation’s closest approximation to the Preacher from Ecclesiastes. In Ecclesiastes 2, the Preacher searches high and low to find lasting meaning apart from God: in pleasure (v. 1), comedy (v. 2), alcohol (v. 3), sex (v. 8), wisdom (vv. 12–27), and work (vv. 18–23). This wide-reaching search yields no lasting benefit or purpose, only despair (v. 20). Everything under the sun is vanity, a vapor. In his Netflix comedy special, Inside,...

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God-given talent: Saka, Rashford and Sterling blaze a trail for black British Christians

Jul 19, 2021 by

by Julian Coman, Guardian: The trio of young England footballers learned about social duty in their devout childhoods and took that to Euro 2020 In the reception area of Bukayo Saka’s old school, brightly-coloured pennants representing the competing nations in Euro 2020 have not yet been taken down. And last week, the 450 pupils at Edward Betham Church of England primary had one final euro-related task to complete. “We’ve been making a card to send to Bukayo,” said school head Caroline...

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A Vision for Engaging Post-Christian Culture

Jul 18, 2021 by

by Samuel James, The Gospel Coalition: Recently a friend was sharing some thoughts with me about Acts 17, the chapter that includes the apostle Paul’s sermon to the Greek pagans at the Aeropagus (or Mars Hill). Paul tells the crowd that he has seen one of their altars with an inscription, “To an Unknown God,” and proceeds to preach the gospel to them, proclaiming that it is Christ who, while unknown to them, was the true God worthy of trust and obedience. As we were thinking about the passage,...

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How Christianity kills itself

Jul 16, 2021 by

by Tomiwa Owolade, UnHerd: The death of Anglicanism is not the end of this country’s religious story. Perhaps the most extraordinary cultural transformation in Britain over the past half-century is the decline of Christianity. Two generations ago, two-thirds of the country identified as Christian; fewer than 40% now do. Only 12% of British people now identify as Anglican — the state religion of the country. Only 1% of 18 to 24 year olds are Anglicans. In America, the picture seems more...

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Re-imagining America: So, this is what it looks like? (pt 1)

Jul 15, 2021 by

By Wallace B. Henley, Christian Post: One day in the 1980s I drove along a frenetic Houston freeway listening to talk radio frenzy. Gabbers went over again and again how America Is changing for the worse. I was coming from a meeting where I had watched an in-your-face media presentation about the way our civilization is collapsing. And I wondered: When will be the climactic moment of this change—or “re-imagining” as some call it now? More important: What will the new nation look like? Mark...

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My Life as a Christian Under a Communist Regime

Jul 8, 2021 by

by Zhang San, The Gospel Coalition: Reflections on the 100th Birthday of the Chinese Communist Party. I started to read the Bible because I was suspicious of everything I’d learned in my Chinese school: Maoism, socialism, Marxism, and their deeper roots. My suspicion began in 1997, my second year in college. I happened to visit an online memorial marking June 4, the terrible day in 1989 when protesters in Tiananmen Square were crushed. The memorial’s articles and photos overturned my knowledge...

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