The end of Christian charity?

Oct 14, 2021 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today: The National Secular Society (NSS) have released a ‘report’ entitled “For the Public Benefit? – the case for removing the advancement of religion as a charitable purpose”. The fact that the NSS want to remove religion from charity ranks alongside news that the Pope is a Catholic and Greta Thunberg wants to protect the environment as a shocking revelation. But do they have a point? Having read the report, the answer is clearly no. It...

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Lessons from faith-history as solid ground

Oct 12, 2021 by

From Gafcon Great Britain and Europe: The film ‘Waterworld’ was released in the mid 1990’s, and starred Kevin Costner as a solo adventurer making a living on the high seas, in a dystopian future where global warming had resulted in most of the land being under the ocean. At the time the movie was panned by the critics for its overblown budget and (to their minds) ridiculous premise. But consequently, commentators have praised the film for the message of its themes – not only...

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Wilberforce Academy, in the words of those who were there

Oct 8, 2021 by

from Christian Concern: Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, shares some of the testimonies of recent Wilberforce Academy delegates. It’s over two weeks since student newspapers, followed by national papers, covered the apology apparently made by the Provost of Worcester College, Oxford, for hosting our Wilberforce Academy. Year after year, the Wilberforce Academy brings together students and young professionals who want to make a difference for Christ in their professions...

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What the devil can’t give you

Oct 3, 2021 by

by Peter Mullen, TCW: […] I find it wearing to have to keep reminding the literal-minded types that poetry, pictures, music and an active imagination are the best tools when it comes to the embodiment of the truth. A successful metaphor presents us directly with reality. St Michael and the angels belong to this reality and they are at war. How? Well, the devil creates nothing original. God is the only Creator. The devil can only copy God’s actions, befouling them as he goes along. So the...

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Rebuilding the Foundations

Sep 30, 2021 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch: We must again champion what we believe in – and what we do not: Yesterday I penned a piece on counterfeits. I had in mind spiritual and theological counterfeits. There are always fake gospels and fake spiritualities out there, so the biblical Christian must always be wise and discerning, able to separate truth from error. This becomes all the more urgent because we live in an age that no longer believes in truth or absolutes, and runs with relativism and...

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Christians should not be punished for refusing to bow down to progressive ideas

Sep 18, 2021 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today: No-one wants to be accused of discrimination, but we all do it. Discrimination at its most core level is simply making distinctions. It’s not wrong to have a discriminating taste. But the sense in which it is usually used in a pejorative way is that of making distinctions or judgements not upon individual merit, but because of prejudices based upon the group, class or category that the person being discriminated against belongs to. But this is not as...

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