500,000 grooming gang victims

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from Christian Concern:

Tim Dieppe comments on a recent video that revealed there could be as many as 500,000 survivors of grooming gangs over the last 40 years.

Free speech video podcast, Triggernometry, posted an explosive 80 minute interview with grooming gang survivor Dr Ella Hill (pseudonym) earlier this month. Dr Hill, who is now a GP, is eloquent and measured in what she says. In the video her face is blurred out because she still feels threatened and vulnerable.

500,000 victims in 40 years

Dr Hill estimates that there have been as many as 500,000 predominantly white victims of grooming gangs over the last 40 years. This is believable. The Independent reported that almost 19,000 children were identified as victims of sexual exploitation in 2018-19. We know that Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, once claimed there could be as many as a million victims. At the very least, over 40 years, across the whole country, in multiple towns, the total number of victims is likely to be in the hundreds of thousands.

Racially and religiously aggravated

Dr Hill defines a ‘grooming gang crime’ as “a racially and religiously aggravated group or network-based rape.” She was targeted in her late teens over 20 years ago by a Pakistani Muslim gang in Rotherham. She was raped, beaten, tortured, strangled, almost drowned to death, and almost suffocated to death. She was trapped like this for over a year, most of which time she was covered in bruises. The gang threatened to kill her parents and to kill her. She survived an attempted ‘honour killing’ which left her hospitalised for a week. At that point the police advised her parents to move her away, which they did.

When being abused, Dr Hill was repeatedly referred to as a ‘white slag’, ‘white whore’, ‘white c*nt’. Her whiteness was continually emphasised. This is clearly racially aggravated. Her abusers would also claim that they were allowed to abuse her according to Islamic teaching. I have explained before how the Qur’an and Islamic teaching can be used to justify grooming gang type of crimes.

Current police guidelines do not allow ‘whites’ or ‘non-Muslims’ to count as a protected group. It is not possible, according to this, to commit a ‘hate crime’ against a white person. There are no hate crime statistics for anti-white or anti-Western crimes.

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