The Muslim Vote reverses endorsement of three Labour candidates

Jun 11, 2024 by

from Religion Media Centre: The Muslim Vote has reversed its stance on endorsing Labour candidates in the general election. The U-turn follows a backlash after it endorsed three Labour candidates – Naz Shah, Afzal Khan and Yasmin Qureshi...

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We Have Been Subverted

Jun 5, 2024 by

by Anaan Hirsi Ali, The Free Press: What is at stake in our ability to see the threat plainly? Nothing less than the preservation of our way of life. If you wonder why I—a woman of color, an African, a former Muslim, a former asylum...

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Backlash as Muslim children in Italy exempted from studying Dante

May 26, 2024 by

by Nick Squires, Telegraph: An Italian school’s decision to exempt Muslim children from studying Dante because the mediaeval poet placed Mohammed in hell in The Divine Comedy has sparked a backlash and a debate over cancel culture....

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The Free World: An Alarming Status Report

May 25, 2024 by

by Majid Rafizadeh, Gatestone Institute: In the last few years, we have witnessed a world that has become significantly less safe and secure. American and Western policy failures and strategic missteps appear to have emboldened...

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The backdoor Islamic supremacism of ‘The Muslim Vote’

May 24, 2024 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern: Public Policy Researcher Carys Moseley examines a new campaign called ‘The Muslim Vote’ and warns of its intent to influence politics towards Islamic supremacism. Last Monday the CEO of a new campaign...

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Israel, Armenia, and the Ivy League

May 23, 2024 by

by Simone Rizkallah, First Things: My great-grandparents came to Egypt in the early twentieth century, narrowly escaping the systematic genocide of the 1.5 million Armenians and other minorities by the Ottoman Empire during the First...

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