Western Lives Matter: Teacher Beheaded in Paris

Oct 20, 2020 by

by Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute: Western Lives Matter. We should ask all the journalists, the politicians, the clerics, the people of the street, to kneel for Samuel Paty. This French school teacher was the victim of the most ferocious racism that circulates today in Western democracies, that of fundamentalist beliefs against “infidels”. The Chechen terrorist, after beheading Paty, called him a “dog”. “In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most...

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Would Samuel Paty have been jailed in Scotland?

Oct 19, 2020 by

by Effie Deans: Tens of thousands of French people have taken to the streets to demonstrate in favour of free speech. The French Government has responded robustly to the murder of a French teacher, Samuel Paty, who was killed by a Chechen extremist for showing cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad to his freedom of speech class. The French Government and people have almost universally expressed their solidarity with the M. Paty. No one has questioned his right to show such cartoons. But what...

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After Isis, Yazidi women forced to leave their children behind

Oct 18, 2020 by

by Martin Chulov, Guardian: As bombs crunched into the ground around them in February last year, three young Yazidi women cowered in holes dug in the eastern Syrian desert, cradling their terrified children. In the month that followed, hundreds of people hiding near them were killed by devastating barrages that destroyed what was left of Islamic State’s so-called caliphate and freed the former slaves and their toddlers from five years in the terror group’s clutches. But the ordeal of their...

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Je suis Samuel

Oct 17, 2020 by

by Brendan O’Neill, spiked: The beheading of a teacher in France is the barbaric logical conclusion to cancel culture. Yesterday, cancel culture turned murderous. It became positively medieval. On a suburban street on the outskirts of Paris a schoolteacher was beheaded in broad daylight for the supposed crime of showing caricatures of Muhammad to his pupils during a classroom discussion about freedom of speech. Decapitated for dissing the prophet, in France, in the 21st century. In...

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Understanding Living Islam: Spirituality, Structure, Society and Sects

Oct 8, 2020 by

By Chris Sugden, Anglican Mainstream: Understanding Living Islam is the second volume in a trilogy being developed by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo. The first volume, Understanding Islamic Theology, published in 2013, covered how the core texts of Islam were used to develop Shariah, the system of law that governs the lives of Muslims. It describes the core beliefs that unite the 2 billion Muslims worldwide, who control 50 out of 180 countries, focusing on their view of God, divine judgement and the...

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‘The New Syria?’: Critical perspectives on the deradicalisation and reintegration of Islamist offenders

Oct 1, 2020 by

by Emma Webb, Civitas: Following the recent terror attacks on London Bridge and Streatham by Islamist terror offenders – who had been released from prison half-way through their sentences via the automatic release scheme – there has been increasing concern amongst many people in Britain that the prison system is not working in this crucial area. Police forces are reported to face a future jihadist threat in which more dangerous people will drift onto the streets from UK prisons with terrorist...

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