To Biden Administration: Record of Iran’s Top “Moderate” Mullah

Jun 12, 2021 by

by Majid Rafizadeh, Gatestone Institute: During Rouhani’s tenure, thousands of people were executed, including women and children. In its 2019 global review of the death penalty, Amnesty International stated: “Iran retained its place as the world’s second-most prolific executioner after China.” In total, according to official estimates of the Iranian regime, more than 4,000 people were executed in Rouahni’s two-term presidency: an average of 10 executions a week...

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Ten years on from the Rotherham rape gangs and the police care more about social media posts than protecting vulnerable girls

Jun 8, 2021 by

by Max Pemberton, Mailonline: It’s 10 years since the grooming gangs in Rotherham were exposed. An entire decade has passed, yet a follow-up investigation has shown that police are still failing to protect thousands of young girls at risk of sexual abuse. Police seem to have a completely warped sense of what is important. They have time to do TikTok videos and attend Pride marches, speak to people about comments they make on Facebook and harass and arrest people for travelling a few miles...

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Viktor Orbán, Defender of Christianity

Jun 7, 2021 by

by Benedict Kiely, The Imaginative Conservative: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary links the persecution of Christians in other parts of the globe to the increasing hostility towards mainstream Christianity in Europe. Just a day after the second World Conference on Persecuted Christians ended this November in Budapest, Hungary, a “reformed” jihadi terrorist stabbed two innocent people to death in London, before being shot by police. The inability of the liberal secularists, who are at the...

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Sharia law, enforced by British police

Jun 6, 2021 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, The Conservative Woman: SPEAKERS’ Corner in Hyde Park is the oldest free speech platform in the world. It has been a free speech focus since the days of public hanging when the condemned could make a final speech from the gallows at nearby Tyburn. Used throughout the years as place of protest, an Act of Parliament in 1842 set aside this London space for public speaking. Since then speakers of every type and persuasion have been able go there and sound off, present...

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We cannot ignore Muslim anti-Semitism any longer

Jun 2, 2021 by

by Rakib Ehsan, spiked: Jew hate has been allowed to fester among the poorly integrated sections of Britain’s Muslim communities. Recent events have confirmed what I have known for a while – that Britain has allowed the scourge of anti-Semitism to fester in poorly integrated elements of the Muslim population. The evidence has shown for some time that such problematic beliefs are relatively concentrated within the British Muslim population. A 2017 report by the Institute for Jewish Policy...

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Batley school protests: Teacher allowed back in Prophet Muhammad image row

May 27, 2021 by

from BBC News: A teacher who was suspended after showing children a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad can return to the classroom. Protests were held outside Batley Grammar School after the teacher showed an image during a religious studies lesson in March. An independent investigation found the teacher did not intend to cause offence by showing the image. The school said it would offer more guidance and training for staff. The image was shown on more than one occasion to students during...

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