Ofsted chief accuses minority groups of ‘entitlement’ in hijab row

Jul 12, 2018 by

by Sally Weale, Guardian: Amanda Spielman says school leaders must resist pressure on issues such as the headscarf. The head of Ofsted has again stepped into the debate over the wearing of the hijab by primary school pupils, accusing minority groups with a “sense of religious or cultural...

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Free Speech Week: Sarah Champion tells the truth about grooming gangs

Jul 11, 2018 by

by Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman: Today we remember the case of the Labour MP for Rotherham and shadow minister for women and equalities Sarah Champion, who had to quit after writing an article in the Sun following the convictions of 18 people in Newcastle over a sex grooming network The...

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Rise of the new fundamentalism – in deepest Oxford

Jul 2, 2018 by

by Jane Kelly, The Conservative Woman: Astonishingly Margaret Atwood, that great saint of feminism, is facing a social media backlash after calling for due process (i.e. normal justice) for a former university professor accused of sexual misconduct. In the wake of this she recently asked where a...

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London’s Al-Quds day showcases genocidal Hezbollah but Britain won’t outlaw jihadis on parade

Jun 26, 2018 by

by Karen Harradine, from Rebel Priest blog: Almost two weeks have passed since militant Muslims marched through London streets on what is known as Al-Quds Day. This annual hatefest was created by Iran in 1979 and takes place worldwide. Hezbollah, a terrorist group and proxy of Iran, is the core...

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Mohammed’s Migration Master Plan: How Islam Will Conquer the Earth

Jun 25, 2018 by

by Jules Gomes, Republic Standard: Merkel’s Migration Master Plan has failed- because in her hubris she denies the power of faith. East is east and West is west and never the twain shall meet. Western secularists who claim to understand the Eastern mind strain at Middle Eastern gnats and...

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Church leaders back new Worcester mosque plans in open letter

Jun 14, 2018 by

by Christian Barnett, Worcester News: CHURCH leaders across Worcester have signed an open letter supporting plans for a new £3 million mosque in Worcester. Members of the Church of England clergy in Worcester East Deanery backed the bid for the contemporary building on Stanley Road in the letter...

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