6 Huge Societal Problems That Could Be Solved By Saving Sex For Marriage

Sep 14, 2018 by

by Matt Walsh, Daily Wire:

Any effort to solve a problem will certainly fail if it disqualifies all of the best solutions from the outset. This is why nothing ever gets solved in our country. We begin our search for answers by rejecting the answers. We seek solutions that exclude the solution. The results, with that as our starting point, are predictable.

It is true that religious people generally believe in saving sex for marriage. It is not true that you must be religious to see the wisdom in such an arrangement. If you wish to address our most serious societal problems, and you desire the extraordinary benefits that would come from solving those problems, then you, too, should advocate for abstinence before marriage. This is a practical position as well as a spiritual one, and the two do not necessarily have to be linked. I believe in outlawing homicide because the Ten Commandments forbid it. But, for a variety of obvious reasons, I would still believe in outlawing homicide even if the Ten Commandments didn’t exist. The same is true of saving sex for marriage.

Now, let’s take a look at the six societal crises that could be solved, or greatly reduced, by keeping sex within the framework of a monogamous and lifelong union:

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