Courage, Love, and Sacrifice in the Fight for Marriage Reality

Jan 6, 2020 by

by Robert P George, Public Discourse: Every time we fail to muster the courage to do what’s right, what God is calling us to do, there is behind that failure a still deeper failure: a failure of love. Author’s note: On January 1, 2020, Ryan T. Anderson and I published a piece in USA Today on the steep costs—personal, societal, political, legal, and moral—of the so-called “progress” on LGBT issues over the past decade. Rod Dreher responded with an article in The American Conservative. Below,...

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Decade in review: Marital norms erode

Jan 1, 2020 by

by Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George, USA Today: A decade ago, President Barack Obama affirmed that marriage unites a man and woman. So did 45 states and the federal government. The only states to redefine marriage had done so through activist court rulings or, in 2009, legislative action. At the ballot box, citizens had uniformly voted against redefinition. A majority agreed with Obama. Then, in 2012, Obama “evolved,” and the Supreme Court took cases involving marriage law. Nothing in the...

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‘Live out the truth about marriage’

Dec 19, 2019 by

by Tony Rucinski, Coalition for Marriage: I asked our Chairman, Colin Hart, an important question when we sat down recently to talk about my new role. What is the one message he wants me to send out to all our supporters? Watch the answer, and more, in our latest video. If you have questions, or want to invite a C4M speaker to your area, please get in touch.    

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‘Marriage underpins our society’s crucial values’

Dec 14, 2019 by

by Colin Hart, Coalition for Marriage: The election is over and our work to defend traditional marriage begins again with a new Parliament. Our recently appointed Director of Supporter Strategy, Tony Rucinski, will play a crucial role in that. I recently sat down with him to talk about why he wanted to take on the job, why he believes marriage is so important; and what he’s looking forward to about meeting supporters around the country. Read here  ...

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C4M’s analysis of manifestos: the ‘quadlock’ protections

Dec 9, 2019 by

from Coalition for Marriage: Dear marriage supporter, This is the last of our emails highlighting party promises around marriage. The Liberal Democrats have committed to “enabling the Church of England and Church in Wales to conduct same-sex marriages”. This inevitably means disrupting the ‘quadlock’ of protections created by the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 to stop clergy being compelled to carry out gay weddings. Part of the quadlock specifically excludes Anglican churches from...

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C4M’s analysis of manifestos: Marriage Allowance

Dec 3, 2019 by

from Coalition for Marriage: This is the first in a series of emails we’ll be sending in the run-up to the election on 12 December, focusing on manifesto promises that relate to marriage. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have pledged in their manifestos to abolish the marriage tax allowance. The allowance was introduced by David Cameron’s Coalition Government in 2015. It is similar to but lower than the previous Married Couple’s Allowance, which started being phased out some years before by...

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