A Christian light in the Westminster gloom

Sep 9, 2019 by

by Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman:

IN a House of Commons dominated by anti-Christian political correctness, it is important to celebrate any attempt, however small, to stand up for countercultural Christian orthodoxy. Conservative MP Sir John Hayes has recently given a reason to thank God for a cheeringly cheeky move to promote traditional Christianity in Parliament.

In July, Lincolnshire MP Sir John, a campaigner for British independence from the European Union,  tabled some Parliamentary questions to the House of Commons spokeswoman on Church of England matters. 

Dame Caroline Spelman, the Second Church Estates Commissioner, has this past week given some answers.

In a rare display of respect for the Bible in Parliament, Sir John had asked her whether the Church of England would be willing to ‘clarify its interpretation of biblical teaching on sex and gender in relation to transgender issues’.

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