A Proposal for the Healthcare Professions: It’s Time To Refuse to Deal in Death

Nov 1, 2017 by

by  Stephen J. Heaney

The healthcare professions are rightly devoted to the restoration and maintenance of health. Deliberately delivering death is in direct opposition to these goals. For the sake of their profession and those whom they serve, healthcare professionals should refuse to participate in acts that are so utterly incompatible with their profession.

First, an old joke:

A certain scientist was utterly convinced that he could create a living human being, and challenged God to a contest. “I made human beings from the dust of the earth,” said God. “Do you really think you can do that?” “Absolutely,” proclaimed the scientist. “Let’s get started!” He reached down and grabbed a handful of earth. “No, you don’t!” said God. “Get your own dirt.”

Now, the proposal:

All healthcare professionals, and all healthcare professional facilities, will refuse to take part, in any way, in any activity, either direct or indirect, that facilitates death: abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, capital punishment. Healthcare will make a complete and thorough break from all connections with these procedures, refusing to train their practitioners, give hospital privileges to them, make referrals to them, or allow them entry into the profession.

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