A Sterile France in a Muslim Europe: The Harvest of Bastille Day

Jul 18, 2017 by

by John Zmirak, The Stream:

According to Strasbourg Archbishop Luc Revel, Muslims are already smugly predicting it: Within our lifetimes, France will be Muslim. Sharia will be national law. The empty churches will become teeming mosques. The last hated Jews will be gone.

This won’t come through outright conquest. It won’t even require massive new immigration. It’s just that Muslims are having babies while almost nobody else is.

How could this happen? How could a country that is so proudly secularist and fiercely nationalistic allow itself to be conquered by Islam? To be colonized, like a tribe of Mohicans or Cherokees, facing cannons, rifles, and smallpox?

Nationalism Isn’t Enough

Because nationalism isn’t enough. It’s enough to make men die for their country in times of crisis. Or to rally them to vote for patriotic candidates. Sometimes it gets out of control and leads them to target peaceful foreigners. You know what it can’t do? Convince people that it’s worthwhile to bring a child into this world. To pour their tears and toil into the adventure of making another life — which might well end abruptly, or peter out in addiction, depression, or some other sad fate.

The prophetic David P. Goldman wrote in Why Civilizations Die that the only countries with positive birthrates in the developed world are the United States and Israel. In both lands (and most lands, including France), those births happen most among devout religious subcultures. That’s not because of scruples over birth control. Mormons, evangelical Protestants and orthodox Jews are the subcultures Goldman cites as most open to life.

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