A Tale of Two Businesses

Oct 25, 2017 by

by Julie Lynde, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho:

Do we have an inalienable right to not be offended?

I have spent many years in Idaho working for First Amendment freedoms. A few years ago, while working to clarify Idaho’s religious freedom law (RFRA), the ACLU opposed our efforts. One of their arguments was that Christian business owners could use RFRA to “deny service at the lunch counter” to anyone for any reason.

I couldn’t help but question why they would even think that was an honest argument or an accurate picture of the free exercise of religion.

A situation in Washington state solved that riddle. It’s because that’s what some on the Left would do to anyone who doesn’t bow to the cultural orthodoxy.

[…] On one hand, are business owners who choose to exclude an entire class of people simply because of their religious beliefs. On the other are business owners who serve everyone but decline to create custom art that celebrates a specific event.

It is the difference between “We don’t serve your kind” while viciously herding your customers out the door versus respectfully declining requests to CREATE art that would celebrate an event in conflict with deeply held convictions.

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