A world at war against Christians

Apr 24, 2019 by

by Ann Farmer, The Conservative Woman:

CHOOSING Easter Sunday for the deadly terror attacks on Sri Lankan churches and hotel restaurants (where Christians who had completed the Easter vigil were about to break their fast) makes it clear that the target was Christianity. In the Telegraph Tim Stanley writes of his distress at the persecution of fellow Christians, but even more at the lack of interest shown by the governing classes in our own nominally Christian country.  He concludes that ‘we’re not really a Christian society any more’ even though politicians still pick and choose aspects of Christian teaching to support their own agendas, ‘operating only with the relics of belief; symbols and metaphors that are wheeled out at certain times of the year to bolster an argument or respond to a tragedy in a far-flung country where people apparently still go to church’.

The answer to the problem of Islamist terrorism is actively to promote the peaceful strands of all religions while curbing those who use religion to justify violence, and ending aid to governments who persecute religious minorities. This is not a strange message written in a long-dead script, since many people still speak the language. It could be deciphered, but the governing classes prefer not to do so, since they already know what the message is and have rejected it because it conflicts with their actual religion. This is a curious mix of whatever economic system promises material prosperity and, to give it a virtuous veneer, the latest cultural fad – whether sexual diversity, open-doors immigration, easy divorce, ‘women’s reproductive rights’, ‘the right to die’, ‘climate change’ – sending the message that in their compassionate approach to such issues they are more Christian than the Christians.

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