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Walking Together in the Service of God in the World – Primates’ Communique

Reflections on the aftermath of the Primates Meeting at Canterbury by Gavin Ashenden, Anglican Ink

GAFCON Chairman’s February 2016 Pastoral Letter

Two Cheers for the Primates Meeting! By Bishop Wallace Benn, Evangelicals Now [£]

Nigerian Anglican Primate says nothing has changed after Canterbury meeting, by David Virtue, VirtueOnline

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop: Anglicans didn’t “vote us off island”. By Jeffrey Walton, Juicy Ecumenism

Episcopal Primate says decision to censure church over same sex marriage was “fair”, by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

Virginia Episcopal Bishops Spin Primates’ Communique from Canterbury by David Virtue, VOL

Where do we go from here? by Martin Davie

Anglican Communion revival from near death, but Ted Lewis, VirtueOnline

A Statement on Archbishop Beach’s Participation at Primates 2016

Despite controversy, Primates’ Meeting a success, says Canadian Archbishop (fisked by VOL)

Thoughts on the Primates’ Meeting in Canterbury by Canon Jeff Williams, VOL

The Canterbury Tale – Church Times

Forward in Faith-North America responds to the Canterbury primates communique

After the Primates’ gathering, whither gay conservatives? By Wesley Hill, Covenant

Anglicans Discipline US Episcopal Church over Gay Marriage by David Virtue, VOL

Justin Welby’s full reflection on the Primates’ meeting by Marcus Jones, Premier

The Episcopal Church is responding, Anglican Unscripted

A.S.Haley asks “Who dares call it by name”,  Anglican Ink

‘Primates reaffirm teaching on marriage’ – encouragements and concerns, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Gavin Ashenden responds to The Times on what happened in Canterbury, Anglican Ink

Primates’ decision puzzles Communion watchers by Toli Folkins, Anglican Journal

Pastoral letter to the Church of Kenya from Archbishop Eliud Wabukala on the Canterbury primates communique, Anglican Ink

Primates Gathering: They Got Al Capone on Tax Evasion from ACNA

TEC Dioceses respond to PRIMATES 2016 Communique by David Virtue, VOL

Primates 2016: Interview with Archbishop Foley Beach, Kevin Kallsen, Anglican Ink (video)

Our prayers have been answered. Anglican Unscripted, with Kevin Kallsen and Revd Peter Ould

Reaffirming Communion: an Act of Hope by Ephraim Radner, First Things

GAFCON update – video

Reform media statement

Roster of the Primates Meeting – Anglican Ink

Notes from Primates Press Conference, Anglican Mainstream

Inside the Canterbury primates gathering by George Conger, Anglican Ink

What does the Primates’ Statement mean? by Ian Paul, Psephizo

Anglican leaders downplay censure of Episcopal Church by Trevor Grundy, RNS

A response to the Primates Gathering 2016 Statement:  Where do we go from here? by Canon Phil Ashey, AAC

Holy Smoke and Mirrors – Guardian editorial

Episcopal Church leader announces she will defy primates ban, Anglican Ink

Seven Ways the Episcopalians Will React to Suspension by Fr Dwight Longnecker, Patheos

What The Anglican Church Actually Did (And Didn’t Do) Yesterday Regarding Same-Sex Marriage by Jack Jenkins, thinkprogress

ACNA Primate was given ballot paper to vote on Episcopal Church by Paul Handley, Church Times

Primates issue full communiqué which includes condemnation of homophobia by Tim Wyatt, Church Times

Justin Welby says sorry to LGBTI community for hurt caused by church, Guardian

LGBT Christians React With Fury Over The Anglican Communion Suspending Pro-Gay Church by Patrick Strudwick, Buzzfeed

On the Death of the Anglican Communion by A S Haley, Stand Firm

What happened at Canterbury ‘Primates2016’? by Gavin Ashenden

Voice and Vote for Foley Beach this week by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Primates Meeting: What you need to know about why gay marriage could still split the Church by Mark Woods, Christian Today

Official statement from Primates 2016

Primates Meeting 2016 Update from Archbishop Beach, ACNA

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Why the GAFCON Primates Chose to Thrash it Out by David Ould

Anglican communion to restrict US Church over gay marriage, BBC News (with analysis by Caroline Wyatt, Religion Correspondent)

Misinformation, half-truths and lies stalk primates meeting by David Virtue, VOL

Pageantmaster’s analysis of the meeting’s outcome, T19

Cape Town archbishop’s message from Canterbury, Anglican Ink

Statement by Archbishop Mouneer Anis on discipline of the Episcopal Church, Anglican Ink

“Consequences, not Discipline” for TEC by David Ould, Stand Firm

Canadian conservatives respond to Canterbury communique, Anglican Ink

Statement by the Bishop of Washington on the Canterbury communique, Anglican Ink

Church of England leaders condemn same sex marriage, Daily Mail

Anglican church avoids split over gay rights – but liberals pay price from The Guardian

GAFCON statement on the 2016 Primates Gathering, T19

Primates suspend Episcopal Church from full participation in the Anglican Communion, Anglican Ink

Anglicans step back from brink of schism over homosexuality by John Bingham, Telegraph

Primates Meeting: Archbishop of Uganda walks out over ‘torn fabric’ of Anglican Communion by Mark Woods, Christian Today

Ugandan Archbishop: why I walked out of the Primates gathering in Canterbury by Madeleine Davies, Church Times

Ugandan Primate Leaves Primatial Meeting Early by David Virtue, VOL

US Episcopal Church could face sanctions for appointing gay bishops by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

#Primates2016 Day 4 – Your Guess is as Good as Mine by David Ould, Stand Firm

Further reports on the meeting of Anglican Communion Primates – Church of England Digest

From My Ear to Your Ear: “Trust us” say GAFCON Primates by David Virtue, VOL

Blackout in Canterbury by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Archbishops ‘treated like children’ in church gay crisis talks by John Bingham, Telegraph

Handicapping the Primates’ sweepstake by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Anglican Primates should ‘kick back and have fun’ because they’ll never agree on homosexuality, expert says by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

The Primates and the “reality” of the Anglican Communion byNeil Dhingra, The Living Church

Further reports on the meeting of Anglican Communion Primates

One sentence in Canterbury’s address shows why managerial solution is unravelling by Julian Mann

#Primates2016 Day 2 – The Facade Begins to Crumble by David Ould, Stand Firm

Second day report — deadlock in Canterbury by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Canterbury Trails, Tales or Trials? Anglican Unscripted

GAFCON message of thanks for prayers in advance of Canterbury summit by Peter Jensen, Anglican Ink

Stonewall CEO: A split in the Anglican Church could be dangerous for LGBT people – religious or not by Ruth Hunt, Telegraph

Anglican summit: Traditionalists’ anger over Justin Welby’s federal plan by John Bingham, Telegraph

Digest: Reports from the gathering of the Anglican Communion Primates from the Church of England website

“Text of Archbishop Welby’s #Primates2016 Address” Released by David Ould


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