Andrew Turner MP’s resignation – reminiscent of Stalin’s show trials

Apr 29, 2017 by

from Grassroots Conservatives:

Grassroots Conservatives express the greatest regret that Andrew Turner, MP for over 15 years for the Isle of Wight with a majority of 13,700, has been targeted, bullied and pressured to stand down in the forthcoming election by the same anti religious intolerance that was applied to Tim Farron MP.

In an interview on Today on Saturday April 29, the 16 year old schoolgirl who expressed ‘outrage’ at Mr Turner’s views, admitted that they were not a surprise to her as his voting record on ‘gay marriage’ was known.

Grassroots Conservatives asks the following:

Would the same targeting and bullying on social media be tolerated of Muslims in public life who held exactly the same views as Christians on the matter of homosexual practice?

Why did Mr Turner decide so quickly to stand down and not offer a vigorous defence of free speech in the face of the ‘new intolerance’?

In what way is this suppression of free speech different from its suppression under Communist regimes?

Robert Peston indicated on “Have I Got News For You” on BBC 1 on Friday 28 April that he would be asking MPs of all parties on his programme, including the Prime Minister on Sunday April 30, the same question that he asked Tim Farron..

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