Another step on Scotland’s road to transgender paradise

Aug 19, 2021 by

by Janice Davis, TCW:

NICOLA Sturgeon and her SNP government seem to be totally in thrall to transgender ideology and its ramifications in the education sphere, according to Debbie Hayton in the Spectator. Their latest guidance, ‘Supporting Transgender Pupils in Schools’, confirms everything already demanded by the trans lobby, but I can’t help thinking that some of these more original notions must bring an embarrassed flush to the faces of even their most stalwart and progressive acolytes. Especially perplexing are the document’s references to educational visits and participating in sports. They suggest to me that the current Scottish Secretary for Education, Shirley Anne Somerville, has never spent time in loco parentis either in or out of the classroom.

Planning a single-day outing is one thing. Ms Somerville can’t ever have had to complete the statutory risk assessment required before accompanying school pupils on an educational trip. When I was a teacher I had to fill in lengthy documents dealing with taking my sixth-formers to language conferences in London. I had to reassure the authorities that provision had been made for dealing with crossing a busy road, losing the tickets, missing the train home, being abducted by aliens, etc. All this to ensure the safety of 16/17-year-olds who regularly went clubbing up Peckham on a Friday night, unaccompanied. I often felt it might be more appropriate if they had been tasked with analysing the risks involved in having to be accompanied by me.

The planning and supervision of residential visits was a serious challenge, especially with mixed groups, and particularly towards the upper age limits. So much so, that many teachers had by then decided to give jaunts like that a definite miss. Now, however, just to add to their burdens, the Scottish Education Department are suggesting that, to make provision for the inclusion of transgender pupils, it is quite in order for teenagers of the opposite sex to share a room. In my experience, there were plenty of challenges to contend with on the journey when they were only sharing a bus, but a room . . . Evidently there’s a whole new area where a pupil’s right to privacy meets the right to gender self-identification, and all the potential for taking advantage likely to be demanded by the more imaginative sixth-formers. Let’s just hope the First Aid Box has been updated and replenished.

As for privacy, Hayton goes on to quote this little bombshell:

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