Arab Islamists, not Orthodox Jews, Pose Biggest Threat to Middle East Christians

Dec 27, 2021 by

by David W Virtue, Virtueonline:

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has once again got it all wrong and may well have to apologize for the umpteenth time.

This time, it is his blast at Israel over allegations that unnamed “radical groups with extremist ideologies” are persecuting Christians causing untold harm to the faithful, forcing them to flee. If the persecution continues, it will result in Christianity being wiped out in the land of Christ’s birth.

It is a charge that has no basis in fact and will only cause continued harm to Christians in the Middle East who experience persecution not from extremist fringe Jewish groups but from Arab Islamists who want nothing more than to rid the Middle East of any Christian presence.

His latest detonation came in an article written jointly by himself and the Archbishop of Jerusalem, Hosam Naoum, warning about a crisis of Christian survival “in the Holy Land”. It appeared in the Sunday Times.

They said it was being brought about through the desecration of churches and attacks, both physical and verbal, on priests, monks and worshippers. Franciscan friar Francesco Patton, guardian of the Christian holy sites in the region, made a similar claim in the Telegraph where he wrote that, in recent years, the lives of many Christians had been made unbearable “by radical local groups with extremist ideologies”.

The previous week, Naoum claimed on Britain’s GB news channel that Christianity was on the point of extinction in the Holy Land as a result of pressure from “extremists and radicals,” especially in Jerusalem.

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