Are children being bullied into being trans?

Dec 4, 2021 by

by Keith Jordan, The Critic:

Schools are not fulfilling their duty of care to vulnerable children.

Many people who endured bullying at school will remember the teacher who provided words of comfort and wisdom after they’d been taunted — for being overweight, perhaps, or ginger, or tall, or any of the other characteristics about which children can be so cruel. “Don’t listen to them,” the teacher would say, “they only do it because you’re different. You’re perfect just the way you are.”

Times have changed. Today’s teachers are not only eschewing their role as comforters-in-chief; they are just as likely to be complicit in this bullying.

Such an extraordinary claim requires compelling evidence. Sadly, we have it by the bucketful. Since we founded Our Duty in 2018, we have gathered testimony from parents who are struggling with children who are determined to go down a pathway that ends in mutilation, sterilisation, loss of sexual function and life-long regret. They reveal how children are being encouraged to embrace a transgender identity by other pupils, with the connivance of teachers and often, deliberately, without the knowledge of their parents.

Parents of school-age children may already suspect that something is rotten in the state of our Relationships and Sex Education (RSE); they might baulk when their kids come home parroting unscientific dogma, including the denial of biological sex and the existence of infinite gender identities. But many will have no idea how completely their schools have been captured by trans lobby groups, how invested teachers are in this ideology, and what this means for their children. That’s why it’s so important that we listen to the whistleblowers.

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