Ashers wins in landmark victory on compelled speech

Oct 10, 2018 by

from Christian  Institute.

After a four-year legal battle, Ashers Baking Company has won in the UK Supreme Court. This is thrilling news.

In a landmark judgment for free speech, the court held that Ashers acted lawfully and didn’t discriminate against anyone. Judges held it was the message the bakery objected to, not the customer.

The previous judgments against Ashers have been overturned.

Five Justices have given a strong and unanimous ruling against compelled speech.

Baroness Hale, President of the Court, said it didn’t matter whether the icing on the cake promoted same-sex marriage, “living in sin” or any other message with which the bakers profoundly disagreed. The situation was on the same level as a Christian printer asked to print atheist leaflets: they shouldn’t have to do it.

Equality laws cannot be used to make people say things they don’t believe. That has always been our position. The Supreme Court agrees.

We are very thankful to God for this ruling. Our prayers have been answered.

We are also greatly indebted to the McArthur family. It has not been easy for them, but their stand has created a UK precedent.

This victory is exactly what we seek with our Legal Defence Fund: to create significant national precedents which protect Gospel freedoms. More details on the case will be available on our website.

Let’s thank God for this excellent judgment. Pray for fair reporting and a great impact for Gospel freedom in the UK.

Yours in Christ,
Colin Hart
Colin Hart
The Christian Institute

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