At last, a conservative Tory MP

Oct 23, 2020 by

by Margaret Ashworth, The Conservative Woman:

I AM beginning to wonder if we have found our next Conservative Party leader. Kemi Badenoch’s speech in the Commons this week marked her out as a true conservative instead of the progressive trend-followers we have become used to.

Some of the tabloids headlined the fact that the women and equalities minister used the ‘n-word’ in a debate on Black History Month. This was not the important part of what she had to say, however.

She attacked a ‘dangerous trend’ in race relations being taught in schools, saying: ‘It is the promotion of critical race theory – an ideology that sees my blackness as victimhood and their whiteness as oppression. I want to be absolutely clear – this Government stands unequivocally against critical race theory.’

She said that teachers who tell their pupils that white privilege is a fact are breaking the law.

Answering Labour’s Dawn Butler, who said the history curriculum needs to be ‘decolonised’, she said the curriculum did not need decolonising for ‘the simple reason that it is not colonised’, adding: ‘We should not apologise for the fact that British children primarily study the history of these islands.

‘And it goes without saying that the recent fad to decolonise maths, decolonise engineering, decolonise the sciences that we’ve seen across our universities, to make race the defining principle of what is studied, is not just misguided but actively opposed to the fundamental purpose of education.’

She said pupils should not be learning about ‘white privilege and their inherited racial guilt’, saying that any school which teaches ‘these elements of political race theory as fact, or which promotes partisan political views such as defunding the police without offering a balanced treatment of opposing views, is breaking the law’.

You can see her speech here.

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