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What’s going to change in Australia with same sex marriage? by Mark Powell, Australian Spectator 

“In the space of just a few decades, homosexuality has gone from being a criminal offence to a psychological disorder, to an acceptable way of life, to today, the ‘new virtue’. Without doubt, we are living in a time of massive moral and cultural change…

The slippery slope was a precipice after all, from Stephen McAlpine’s blog

“… in such times we need precipitous thinkers.  We need leaders in our church who are not content to wait for the cultural changes to come our way, dodging and weaving until the last minute, but who lean into the changes and prepare their people with the ropes and tackle a precipice requires.”

We are not nasty people, and my kids will not be taught otherwise, by Veronica Winkels, MercatorNet

[…] An individual’s freedom from things like religious persecution, social engineering and a great many other things has suffered a heavy blow…

…My family is marginalized. Individuals and families who hold to the traditional belief in marriage as being between one man and one woman have suddenly been pushed by the law onto the fringes of society.

They are now officially a “backward”, “archaic”, “bigoted”, “narrow-minded”, “mean-spirited’ lot.

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