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More Bishops have publicly stated their support for a radical change in teaching and practice regarding same sex relationships. More reaction and comment, most recent articles at the top:

Are we really a Communion? Mouneer Anis, VirtueOnline:
An influential Global South Anglican leaders says: “If the Church of England went ahead with same sex marriage and ignored the impact on the mission of other Provinces, it would disqualify herself for leading the Communion which will be replaced by several smaller Communions and congregational churches.

“Who’s Who at St Hugh? – Secret Conversations on Sexuality Come to Light, from English Churchman, at Anglican Ink:
Meetings between conservative/evangelical groupings and liberal/progressive bishops, seeking to reach structural co-existence within a Church of England that permits same-sex marriages.

Can we make ‘simple pastoral provision’ for same-sex relationships? by Andrew Goddard, Psephizo
Responding to the call by the Bishop of Southwark in his address to Diocesan Synod.

When Mother Loses Her Mind, by Canon Phil Ashey, AAC:
The Church of England is the “Mother Church” and Global Anglicans revere the sacrifices English missionaries made to share the gospel with hem. There is tremendous affection for Canterbury and all it represents. But now, this reverence is being replaced by grief at seeing the Church of England increasingly depart from the “faith once delivered”.

The Bishop of Southwark’s Presidential Address – An initial response, by Martin Davie:
“…What the bishop’s suggestion would mean is either the Church saying that the sexual conduct of the clergy simply does not matter, or that same-sex sexual relationships are acceptable to God, neither of which the Church of England has authority to say.”

A Spirit of Endless Disagreement? Bishop Chessun’s Suggestion, by Rollin Grams, Bible and Mission:
John 10 is an excellent text to reference in discussions about the Church of England bishops lining up to promote teaching that is contrary to God’s Word. A good shepherd’s role is to feed the sheep with the teaching of God. The abundant life that Jesus offers is not a mixture of truth and error in eternal conversation.

C of E: Another senior bishop calls for change in sex and marriage doctrine. From Anglican Mainstream:
Bishop of Southwark calls for liturgical blessing of same sex relationships, and permission for clergy in such relationships to marry, but stops short of endorsing the solemnisation of same sex marriage in church.

ANiE offers a safe harbour for faithful Anglicans. Press Release from Anglican Network in Europe:
When senior Bishops call publicly for the departure from the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, the universal witness of Christian tradition and the great majority of Anglicans worldwide, this is not a matter for polite negotiation, but requires a call for repentance, which if not heeded, must result in an immediate break in fellowship, and the establishment of a faithful jurisdiction under godly oversight committed to the authority of the word of God.

Can Parliament force the C of E to change its doctrine of marriage? by Ian Paul, Psephizo


Bishop calls for same sex marriage: list of articles on the intervention from the Bishop of Oxford, Steven Croft

General articles:

Jesus could have been transgender, claims Cambridge dean, by Ewan Somerville, Telegraph:
Sermon at Trinity College chapel claimed Christ had a ‘trans body’.

Some reflections on fornication, by Martin Davie:
How do we answer Anglican revisionists wanting to redefine sexual ethics?

Unbiblical ideas are everywhere but Christians are shrinking back in silence. By Graham Nicholls, Premier
All church leaders, not just Anglicans, need to be more courageous when it comes to teaching on sexual ethics.


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