BBC bigotry fans the flames of Labour’s anti-Semitism

Feb 8, 2018 by

by Karen Harradine, TCW:

The pernicious and mutating narrative of anti-Semitism has now reached endemic proportions thanks to the BBC and the Labour Party. Social media has flushed out into the open what was once only whispered at dinner parties. At the centre is the mantra that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, chanted by those who, ironically, claim expert knowledge of our faith. Zionism is the movement for the self-determination of the Jewish people and therefore inseparable from Judaism. The words ‘next year in Jerusalem’, uttered at the end of every Passover, encapsulates our yearning to return to Israel.

Yet Momentum cultists persistently use this reductive narrative when denying their anti-Semitism, embellishing it with the fabrication that Israelis are evil Nazis and that Palestinians are innocent victims. Their new favourite, thanks to Ken Livingstone, is the myth that Hitler and Zionists collaborated. This venomous attempt at Holocaust revisionism deliberately diminishes the impact of the Shoah because Jews are perceived as complicit in their own destruction.

Labour’s disdain for Jews is glaringly obvious in its recent welcoming back into the fold a dire assortment of militants and Holocaust deniers, including an activist called Mike Sivier. This man is an ardent fan of Ken Livingstone and has written a book about him. Livingstone marked the recent Holocaust Memorial Day by discussing on Iran’s Press TV how Jews exploit the Holocaust. As a way to excuse his Holocaust denial, Sivier claims he has always ‘used the “high” figure of six million Jews’. If he cannot see how the use of quotation marks implies questioning of this number – an emblematic Holocaust revisionist manoeuvre – he must be delusional.

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