Bishop endorses lifting Ireland’s abortion ban

Apr 16, 2018 by

from Anglican Ink:

Michael Burrows, The Bishop of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory’s April Pastoral Letter of 28 March 2018:

Dear Friends

I begin my thoughts this month by emphasising that I am writing what follows in a personal capacity. I want to contribute candidly to discussion around the diocese, within and beyond these pages. I am but one disciple, one citizen, one voter, and I respect those who when confronted with a binary choice on a ballot paper will reach a different conclusion to myself. I am offering these comments now because last month I indicated that I would do so. I realise that next month the editor intends to publish further articles concerning the referendum with a range of voices and perspectives. It is good that there will be such healthy debate within the diocese between now and voting day.

As a relatively new voter in 1983, I cycled a long distance to make sure I reached my polling station before closing time in order to register my vote against the unfortunately-named pro-life amendment. I have never liked the thought of easily-obtained or widespread abortion. But after the divisive referendum campaign I was determined to have my say, knowing full well that I would end up on the ‘losing’ side. In making my choice I felt affirmed by several thoughtful voices within the Church of Ireland. They emphasised, amongst other things:

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