Both Are In The Same Church, But Media Love Joe Biden’s Faith And Hate Amy Coney Barrett’s

Sep 24, 2020 by

by Ellie Reynolds, The Federalist:

Biden’s faith has been celebrated, but potential SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett is already facing questions and criticism about her faith in the same religion.

The media loves to fawn over the pious and heartfelt Catholicism of Joe Biden. Now they’re talking about the Catholic faith of Amy Coney Barrett, the frontrunner to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. But you’ll notice a very different tone. The key differences are their adherence to their faith’s actual teachings, as well as their political leanings.

The Washington Post can’t call Barrett a “devout Catholic” without including in the same sentence that she is “fervently antiabortion.” Meanwhile, Biden touts his Catholicism — despite his support for abortion, which church teaching expressly calls a “moral evil.”

The Post also notes that, when Barrett was first nominated to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, “Democrats balked at her nomination, questioning whether the academic could be an impartial arbiter because of her deep religious convictions.” If Biden has deep religious convictions, it has never bothered the Post.

Newsweek went further, suggesting that the religious community Barrett and her family are part of was the inspiration for “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. In the book’s dystopian world, Newsweek says, “women’s bodies are governed and treated as the property of the state under a theocratic regime.” Newsweek later corrected the article’s wild claims to say that Atwood’s inspiration was in fact another unrelated group.

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