Brexit, pursued by Big Nurse, who wants our children

Dec 6, 2017 by

by Ann Farmer, MercatorNet:

The psychic frailty of schoolchildren is the latest fetish of the UK nanny state.

One thing Britons will not leave behind with Brexit is Big Brother – sometimes appearing in the guise of Big Nurse.

The Sunday Telegraph informs us that, backed by a £300 million fund, the government plans to send around 3,000 health professionals into classrooms “to counsel anxious pupils after a sharp rise in levels of mental distress and self-harm.” Children are waiting several months for psychiatric help, according to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. To remedy this an army of “well-being practitioners” — mainly psychology graduates — will be trained to deliver therapy courses in schools.

Schools in turn must appoint “mental health coordinators” to improve links between schools and local NHS (public health) services, and “awareness” among teachers. They must ensure that “pastoral support” is available, and draw up “effective anti-bullying policies,” says Mr Hunt, who claims: “If we can catch mental ill health early we can treat it and stop it turning into something more serious.”

There is no mention in The Telegraph’s report of coordinating this effort with parents. And, since “anti-bullying” is concerned mainly with “trans” and “gay” issues – which affect a tiny proportion of children — this is looking like yet another well-meaning programme ripe for hi-jacking by the sexual diversity campaign, of which Education Secretary Justine Greening is a fan.

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