British Homeschool Population Doubles in Six Years

Jan 14, 2018 by

by Alex Newman, Freedom Project:

The number of British children being educated at home has doubled in a mere six-year period, according to government data cited in U.K. media reports. The surge in homeschooling comes as government schools across the Western world become increasingly extreme in pushing anti-Christian, anti-liberty indoctrination.

Estimates based on admittedly incomplete local government data across the United Kingdom suggest that there were some 30,000 home-educated children in the 2016-2017 academic year. By contrast, in 2011, the estimates suggested there were some 15,000. In all, it was a 97 percent increase.

Among advocates of educational liberty and true choice, the news was greeted with celebration. After all, more homeschooling will lead to more intellectual diversity and huge savings to taxpayers. On top of that, existing data show clearly that home-educated children are far better educated on average than their government-schooled peers.

For totalitarians hoping to use the government education system to brainwash future generations, however, the news was a cause for dread. Indeed, according to news reports on the explosion in home education, “school leaders” and members of Parliament are pretending to be worried that “some may be receiving a substandard education.”

Ironically, virtually every child in a government school in Britain or the United States today is receiving a “substandard education,” and it is deliberate, as this writer and Dr. Sam Blumenfeld showed in Crimes of the Educators. Even referring to Western governments’ indoctrination and dumbing-down programs as “education,” substandard or otherwise, might be a stretch.

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