British lesbian couple carried baby in both of their wombs in first-of-its-kind pregnancy

Dec 5, 2019 by

by Phil Shiver, The Blaze:

A lesbian couple from the UK recently became the first parents to carry a baby in both of their wombs during a first of its kind procedure that doctors are characterizing as a breakthrough in “shared motherhood.”

The procedure, offered by London Women’s Clinic, involves one parent harvesting the egg, which is fertilized by donor sperm, and the other parent carrying the fetus in her womb.

Jasmine Francis-Smith gave birth to their son, Otis, two months ago using an egg that was incubated for 18 hours by her wife, Donna, before being transferred to Jasmine’s womb for the remainder of the pregnancy.

The process means that Donna is the biological mother and Jasmine is the gestational mother.

The Telegraph notes that while more than 100 babies have been born to lesbian couples using artificial incubation, this marks the first time that both parents have shared in the process.

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