By sacking its Chaplain, Trent College, Nottingham, rejects fundamental British values

May 20, 2021 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

Trent College in Long Eaton, between Nottingham and Derby, is an independent Anglican school, which used to have a chaplain. He was the Rev’d Dr Bernard Randall, a former chaplain at Christ’s College, Cambridge, who is, by all accounts, a thoroughly decent, thoughtful, intelligent, discerning and pastoral minister in the Church of England. Perhaps “by all accounts” is pushing it a little, because according to the Headteacher of Trent College, Mr Bill Penty BA, Dr Randall poses an extremist threat to pupils, which is why the school referred this thoroughly decent, thoughtful, intelligent, discerning and pastoral minister to the ‘Prevent‘ programme, which was established in 2011 to tackle extremism, terrorism, and those at risk of being radicalised.

Dr Randall has been radicalised by Church of England’s teaching on LGBT matters, which, as everyone knows, is extreme, intolerant, fanatical and hateful – so extreme, intolerant, fanatical and hateful, in fact, that for Trent College pupils to be exposed to it raises serious safeguarding concerns, which is why Dr Randall had to be prevented from preaching his intolerance, fanaticism and hate in the school’s chapel.

If you’d like to read Dr Randall’s ideological extremism, his sermon may be found HERE.

[…]  The most recent General Synod voted 313-0 in favour of a motion on freedom of religion, and for the need to be advocates for and witnesses to this fundamental liberty. They agreed unanimously that “freedom of religion or belief is of importance to everyone, everywhere, and that Christians who enjoy this freedom should be active in advocating the same freedom for others”. Not a single Synod member opposed those words. Where are they all now? Why is it all left to Andrea Williams? Was this just a chance to signal Anglican virtue, with no intention to follow through?

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