Calif. Private School Sued for Not Treating 8-Y-O Biological Boy Like a Girl

Aug 11, 2017 by

by Samuel Smith, Christian Post:

A private school in Orange County, California, is being sued by the parents of an 8-year-old biological boy who claim that the school violated a state discrimination law by refusing to change its policies so that their child could be treated like a girl.

The parents of Nikki Shah-Brar have filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Heritage Oak Private School in Yorba Linda after it failed to swiftly change its policies so that their child could wear a girl’s uniform and access girls’ bathrooms, among other things.

The lawsuit, which was filed last Wednesday, claimed that the private secular school advertised itself as nondiscriminatory but did not treat Shah-Brar in accordance with her gender identity.

The lawsuit accuses the school of denying Shah-Brar’s request to wear a girl’s uniform and be called by her preferred name and pronoun. Additionally, the school is accused of preventing Shah-Brar from using the girl’s bathroom, forcing the student to use staff bathrooms instead of the boys’ room.

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