Cancel culture

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‘Wokeness is being pushed on everyone’: Interview with Helen Pluckrose, spiked

On critics and bulliesby Robert P George, MercatorNet:

A critic wants to discuss an issue—to try to persuade you to change your mind or see things in a different light; a bully wants to shut down discussion.

A critic appeals to reason—your mind and conscience; a bully tries to induce fear–resorting to threats and shaming to frighten you into submission.

The Left’s long march through literatureby Dr Kevin Donnelly, The Conservative Woman

Lecturer, 73, who was sacked for praising Jewish scientists and German engineers slams woke brigade by Ian Gallagher, Mailonline

How the bullying of NYT editor Bari Weiss points to a coming tyranny by John Horvat II, LifeSite

The ‘cancel culture’ is losing its mind by Michael Brown, LifeSite

It’s not an exaggeration to compare the methods used by the new ‘woke movement’ to those of Mao’s Red Guardsby John Gray, Mailonline

Today, it’s Conservatives who are the real rebels – against woke conformity and the cancel cultureby Darren Grimes, Conservative Home

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as Cancel Culture by Noah Carl, Quillette

25 times cancel culture was real, spiked

The historical amnesia of culture warriors by Dorian Lynskey, UnHerd

How woke warriors have cancelled common sense by John Humphrys, Mailonline

5 Ways to conquer the cancel culture by Michael Brown, Christian Post

Our fearful leaders are failing to stand up to the radical woke minorityby Nick Timothy, Telegraph

The long march, and how to reverse it by Melanie Phillips

Any Fool Can Destroy Things by Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch

Now the army of overgrown babies who say everyone must think like them are invading our bedrooms by Douglas Murray, Mailonline

The cancel culture: the intolerance of the tolerance agenda by Roger Kiska, Christian Concern

BBC encourages staff to say if they want to be called he, she or they in their email signatures in a drive to be more inclusive, Mailonline

Religious leaders press equalities minister to ban conversion therapy amid possible delay by Paul Brand, ITV News

So much for the bravery of the Harper’s letter by Douglas Murray, UnHerd

The woke left is the new Ministry of Truth by Janice Turner, Guardian:

The worst of cancel culture is not a high-profile career assassination but what follows. Silence: the deadening effect upon institutions or individuals scared into self-censorship in case they too face an angry throng…

…What would Orwell have thought? I’ve wondered this throughout three years reporting on the gender wars. When the word “woman” is replaced with “menstruator”, “mother” with “birthing parent” so the specific language of female experience is unsayable, I remember the Ministry of Truth deleting seditious vocabulary: “a heretical thought . . . should be literally unthinkable at least so far as thought is dependent upon words”…

… Almost every day I hear from Guardian journalists, principled, progressive writers, who are terrified of uttering what now counts as WrongSpeak.

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