The Church of England’s guide to hearing God’s voice through the bible, according to LLF

Nov 24, 2020 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream: “The bible is crystal clear” on the subject of same sex relationships, says a participant in ‘The Beautiful Story’, the video commending the orthodox Christian view of sex and marriage, produced by CEEC. But is it? According to the Living in Love and Faith textbook (LLF), there are many possible, and perhaps equally valid interpretations of what the bible says on this subject. Not only this – making such a statement about the clarity of Scripture in...

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Over 700 languages now have a complete Bible

Oct 16, 2020 by

by Jennifer Lee, Christian Today: The number of languages with a complete translation of the Bible has broken through the 700 barrier, according to the latest figures from Wycliffe Bible Translators. The entire Bible is now available in over 704 languages, while 1,551 have a complete translation of the New Testament. A further 1,160 languages have a portion of the Bible translated. James Poole, Executive Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators, said: “These are encouraging figures, and...

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What does it mean to ‘read the Bible while Black’?

Oct 12, 2020 by

by Martyn Taylor, Psephizo: I first came across Esau McCaulley when I discovered his New York Times article on ‘What the Bible Has to Say about Black Anger?’ I loved the way he handled scripture and moved his readers from the Psalms of rage (Ps 137) to the wider message of biblical hope where the oppressor also finds freedom and hope through the God revealed in the scriptures (Isaiah 49). Like many people, I have tried to read more widely around the subject of racism since the death of George...

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New daily devotional series on Deuteronomy

Oct 2, 2020 by

By Simon Manchester, Gafcon: Oct 1st.  I don’t know if you’ve tried to get onside with someone – into their good books – but I guess I’ve tried everything from avoiding tricky subjects to (feebly) agreeing with all someone says and even buying some gift to warm things up. None of this works with God – and how thankful we should be that it doesn’t. Because if we could perform our way in, we might easily perform our way out. It’s very important to notice then in the very first chapter of...

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Justice and the need to speak about Jesus

Sep 14, 2020 by

by Martin Davie: The argument over the summer about Ofqual’s ill-fated use of an algorithm to help determine this year’s A level results is interesting, among other reasons, because of what it tells about our society’s commitment to justice. If we ask what the argument was about, the answer is that that the issue as stake was how best to ensure that those who had taken A levels got the grades they deserved for the effort they had put into their studies. The reason that Ofqual decided to use an...

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Atheist intends to criminalise Bible if Scot hate crime Bill is passed

Aug 29, 2020 by

from The Christian Institute: An atheist activist has welcomed the Scottish Government’s controversial hate crime Bill as an opportunity to report the Bible and church sermons for so-called hate speech. Ian Stewart, Convener of Atheist Scotland, told The Courier atheists saw “some merit” in the SNP’s Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill “as it will enable the prosecution of all Scotland’s religions and their Holy Books for spreading hatred”. He said: “We fully intend to monitor all Holy...

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